a taproom in kenton, built by kenton




Our story 

What is Mayfly?

Mayfly is a Taproom and Bottleshop in Kenton that celebrates the things that already make Kenton an amazing place to live. The idea of Mayfly is to create a space that connects the people of Kenton while focusing on the tremendous amount of talent that lives in the community. It is truly a taproom in Kenton, built by Kenton.

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What is a Mayfly?

A Mayfly is a beautiful aquatic insect that, as an adult, lives for less than a day. Life is short for a Mayfly and it must be efficient with it’s time. It lives, breeds and dies all within a day.

Why “Mayfly”?

At Mayfly, we will constantly be evolving to keep the experience fresh and new. We will do this by rotating through a curated list of beers, ciders and wines and always bringing intriguing, quality products. We will also feature different local artists with our large living mural and providing them with the opportunity to use our space to display their talents. Keep an eye out for other elements of the space to appear and disappear periodically.


Who is Mayfly?

The concept of Mayfly started with Ryan Born.  Having worked in the food industry for years, he's been a lot of places and seen a lot of things, but one thing that remained constant  is the idea of connecting with other people. Ryan's love of forming and nurturing relationships, and his belief that everyone has value, motivated him to open a community taproom and bottleshop. Mayfly is a place for people to gather, learn from each other, and inspire one another. 

What will you find at Mayfly?

Mayfly will feature a rotating draft list of unique beers and ciders as well as several great wines by the glass. Additionally, we'll stock bottles and cans of our favorite local products and a few selections from across the world. We will also provide a variety of delicious non-alcoholic options. We hope to partner with neighboring restaurants to provide food, but guests will be free to bring snacks or even order delivery. Whether you're hanging out with us, heading home or going for a hike, we'll have just what you need. 


We love to collaborate with local people and businesses to feature a distinct taste of Kenton through a unique brew. A dollar per pint of these one-off brews will be donated to a chosen charity. These change periodically, so be sure to check back to see who's on our featured tap!


Our large statement wall acts as a living mural. We feature one local artist at a time to create a limited-edition, eye-catching design that utilizes the entire wall. In addition to the wall, we hang other works by this artist and feature them on our stickers coasters and other designs. Come check out our Kenton creatives!


What would Mayfly be without our friends contributing their talents? Nothing. As a “thank you” to all of these amazing people, we wanted to feature each contributor individually, to give you an opportunity to get to know them better, and just show them some love.


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Ryan Spencer

Why Ryan?

When I was working on all of the build-out details for Mayfly, there was one guy who constantly popped up as the expert on draft systems. He has been in the industry for many years and even installed the system in the Moda Center. That guy is Bill.

Then, Sasha told me about Ryan. He is the General Manager at Bailey's Taproom on Broadway, he is also a third level Cicerone. He had installed a few direct-draw draft systems, but was looking for the chance to install a long-draw system. To me, the nature of Mayfly is to provide that opportunity. It's been great fun working with Ryan and we can't wait for you to drink from his system!


There was one guy who constantly popped up as the expert on draft systems
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8350 N Fenwick Ave
Portland, OR 97217


Everyday: noon-midnight


Mayfly is a 21 and over establishment.